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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
W.E.L.L. winds up the season

August 29 marked the last night of competition with for the women of W.E.L.L. The teams were paired in head to head competition with their closest rival in the standings. The results from this night's play rearranged the placement of some teams. The first place team, Two Putts, managed to hold onto first place. However, the third place team, Birdie Bound, displaced Mollies Follies for second place in the final standings.

Helping their teams along were the golfers with the low gross score, Susan Oberle, who had a 43, and the trio of Barb Weyrich (49-18), Tammy Baisden (53-22) and Barb Ballensky (55-24) each with a low net of 31. The only birdie of the night belonged to Barb Ballensky who had a 2 on #12.

The Wedgies "volunteered" to be our hosts on this night. They awarded three pin prizes, each for closest to the red stake. Winning these were Rhoda Grant on #10, Jennifer Steele on #11 and Barb Ballensky on #18 (when you're hot, you're hot). Since Sue French has won the Quackson more than once this season, she was awarded the opportunity to draw the name out of the basket for the quarters this week. She pulled out Mary Kay Zimmerman's slip.

As this was the last night of official league, elections were held for next year's officers. A motion was quickly made to re-elect all of the current officers (probably as a bid to head off being nominated) and seconded. The officers, who are currently (except the secretary/reporter) in their second terms, all agreed to serve one more term. Thus, next year's officers are: President – Joanne Ustad; Vice President – Sue French; Treasurer – Jennifer Steele; Secretary – Robin Miskimins.

Our golfing buddy who plays in the earth for a living is Ann Jensen. Ann is a senior geologist with the South Dakota Geological Survey. She got her degree at USD and uses it to work in the hydrology area for her income. This year has been slow since the rig she uses for her work is in need of repair. Anyone have an extra couple hundred thousand dollars around?

Wednesday Morning Ladies 'pass the buck'

There were 18 ladies for luncheon and desserts were provided by Karon Benson and Mary Bartels.

Lois Friedel was our guest. It is always nice to have guests come to our luncheon and maybe even play some golf or dominoes.

Dominoes winners today were Ramona Kellogg with the low and Thelma Raines had the second low. This is a game of talent, luck and a lot of MATH!

Golf game today was "Pass The Buck." There were three groups of four. The keepers of the bucks were Lynne Hatle, Karon Benson and Barb Boone. It was a great day for golf and always lots of fun.

We still have a few weeks till ol'man winter stops our fun. Come on out yet in September and join us.

Pat Steckelberg


Men's League weekly report

The first round of the league championship was held on Thursday, Aug. 31 with the folllowing results:

Bogey + defeated American division #1 seed Multiple Putts 14.5-8.5; Bluffs Boys defeated LBA 12-11; Gravediggers defeated Americlean 14-9; and National division #1 seed First Bank & Trust defeated Here for the Beer 12-11.

The second round was played on Thursday, Sept. 7. The club tournament was also contested on the same date.

Senior Men Fun Golf League

Thirty-two golfers played in very nice weather. The winning team of Ross King, Louis Creps and Bob Lund shot a 36.

In second place on a tie breaker was the team of Mo Marcotte, David Zimmer and Cleland Cook.

Also shooting 37 was the team of Bob Solomon, Vern Holter and Gene Iverson.

Three teams shot a 39. The first in the tiebreaker was Harlan Shott, Dick Burback and Dick Gregory. Second were Elmer Mount, Quentin Oleson and Jack Doyle. Third were Alan Clem, Lloyd Helseth and Milo Gilbertson.

Four excellent putts were made. Vern Holter sank a 30-footer, Jack Doyle sank a 27-footer and a 21-footer, Jack Doyle sank a 27-footer and a 21-footer, Don Imming a 21-footer and Elmer Mount an 18-footer.

Calendar of events

Tuesday, Sept. 12

Senior Mens' Fun League plays today!

8:30 a.m. – Registration with coffee and donuts.

9:30 a.m. – Shotgun start.

11:30 a.m. – Lunch and prizes (time approximate).

Noon – Open golf (make your own tee times).

3 p.m. – VHS golf vs. Elk Point/Jefferson.

Thursday, Sept. 14

Men's League Tournament championship final.

3 p.m. – Club tournament, second and final round. Check for tee-off times arranged by the pro shop staff.

Friday, Sept. 15

9 a.m. – Vermillion High School Invitational.

3 p.m. – USD intramural tournament.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League (WELL) Standings

August 30, 2006

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. Two Putts 68 85 80.00%

2. Birdie Bound 66 85 77.65%

3. Mollies Follies 64 85 75.29%

4. Bertha�s Babes 54 85 63.53%

5. Tee�d Off 51 85 60.00%

6. Bluff Babes 50 85 58.82%

7. Dew Whoppers 40.5 85 47.65%

7. Lucky Shots 40.5 85 47.65%

7. Wedgies 40.5 85 47.65%

10. Whatever 38 85 44.71%

11. Iron Maidens 37 85 43.53%

12. Chixs with Sticks 35 85 41.18%

12. Sand Yappers 35 85 41.18%

14. Drive U Crazy 34 85 40.00%

15. Rough Riders 27 85 31.76%

16. Par-Tee Girls 25.5 85 30.00%

17. Lopez Sisters 14 85 16.47%

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