USD named among best by college guide

USD named among best by college guide
Washington Monthly's Annual College Guide ranks The University of South Dakota as one of the nation's best colleges.

According to the 2006 edition, USD ranked highest among other national universities in both of the Dakotas and ahead of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Kansas. As the guide states, "(it is) ? important for taxpayers to know whether their money – in the form of billions of dollars in research grants and student aid – is being put to good use." ��

Dr. Royce Engstrom, provost and vice president for academic affairs said he was pleased USD was named to the prestigious list.

"I am especially happy to see USD do so well in this report because the parameters they used are so aligned with what we are trying to do here," he said.�"The emphasis on what the university contributes to society is so important in today's world, and to see that USD is held in high regard in the report is really gratifying."

This publication differentiates itself from the U.S. News & World Report by the assumptions it makes about what constitutes the best schools. The Washington Monthly's Annual College Guide states the three reasonable indicators of how much an institution benefits the country are social mobility, scientific and humanistic research and community service.

The Washington Monthly's Annual College Guide considers no single category to be more important than any other.� Therefore, the rankings reflect the school's overall excellence using a full breadth of measures.

Terisa C. Remelius, Ph.D., assistant vice president for student services said she enjoyed seeing USD being recognized for its students' success.

"I am so pleased to see USD being recognized for the important work we are doing to provide access to higher education for disadvantaged students while maintaining a very rigorous curriculum that infuses community service-learning and undergraduate research opportunities," she said.�"Student success obviously is paramount to faculty and staff."

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