Volleyball team loses to Wagner

Volleyball team loses to Wagner
The VHS varsity volleyball team faced the Wagner Red Raiders, losing a three-game match with scores of 23-25, 15-25, and 20-25, on Monday, Sept. 18 in the Vermillion gym.

In the preliminary matches, the C team (freshmen) won 2-0, with scores of 25-14, and 25-18. Stats for the team: Ashley Ouellette – 9 D; Jenny Bye – 3 D; Sierra Allen – 4 K, 3 D, 1 B; Michelle Blythe – 6 aces, 4 SA, 1 B; Molly LeCates – 4 aces, 2 SA. "The girls worked hard and, with such impressive scores, we thought the results were great for our match," said coach Chris Doty.

The junior varsity went 1-2, by scores of 20-26, 25-22, and 13-15. Individual players for the match: Leading attacks – Justine Sorenson – 5 kills; Sara Kjose – 3 aces, 9 assists; Sierra Allen – 4 K, 2 B; Hannah Korkuska – 11 digs.

"We are playing some great volleyball. We just can't seem to find the way to win. The girls have a good work ethic and will find that way," said coach Lori Jerred.

Head coach Lenni Billberg was somewhat disappointed with the varsity's performance.

"We just couldn't get going after the first game, then our offense seemed inadequate for their defense," she said.

In the match – Ariel Hofman – 14 D; Krista Froke – 5 POS, 2 aces, 8 K, 5 B; Kinsey Weydert – 12 SA; Alicia Brown – 3 aces, 5 K, 6 D; Raychel Lorenz – 6 D.

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