Yankton overcomes VHS again in tennis matchup

Yankton overcomes VHS again in tennis matchup
On Thursday, Sept. 14, the Tanager girls' tennis team met Yankton, at the USD courts for the third time of their 2006 season.

Nothing much changed from previous matches. Team score: Yankton – 8; Vermillion – 1.

Here are the varsity result:

Singles – Liz Day (V) def. Jessie VanMaanen 8-6; Bridget Henderson (Y) def. Shanon Skillman 8-2; Gabbie Kuchena (Y) def. Dru Daniels 8-6; Vanessa Rockne (Y) def. Lindsay Morecraft 8-1; Jaclyn Matheson (Y) def. Steph Cowman 8-2; and Marie Holtzman (Y) def. Alicia Hesla 9-7.

Doubles: Heidi Olson/ Rockne def. Daniels/Skillman 8-0; Henderson/Kaceina def. Day/Hesla 8-0; and Matheson/Holtzman def. Cowman/Morecraft 8-1.

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