Crews catching up on CSC demolitionPlain Talk

Crews catching up on CSC demolitionPlain Talk
Blame it on the rain, which usually never seems to fall frequently enough in Vermillion.

Or the wind, which seems to be blowing all of the time.

Those two factors have combined to cause headaches to workers whose task is to try to keep on schedule as they demolish the Coyote Student Center on the campus of The University of South Dakota.

"We're running about two weeks behind with the demolition," said Terisa Remelius, dean of students. "Basically, any time it rains we aren't able to take anything out to the dump, and that put us a little bit behind because we received quite a bit of rain a couple weeks ago."

Workers are also at the mercy of the wind.

"When the wind gets to a certain speed, we aren't able to do the work that we would normally because of flying debris that could strike any workers in that area," she said. "We just have to be ultra careful."

A cushion has been built into the work schedule, Remelius said, to give crews more time to deal with factors that are beyond their control.

"We're not sure when our contract will go out for bid (for the new building), but we're hopeful that will happen pretty soon, so we are very excited," she said. "We think the new building is going to add a lot to not only the landscape of Vermillion, but in general it will add to the life our students."

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