Drop off items for soldiers at cafe

Drop off items for soldiers at cafe
Crystal Monk, owner and operator of the Market Street Cafe in Vermillion and Alpha Lambda sister, is setting up a table at the cafe to collect the following Hope for Heroes items. Anyone wishing to donate can drop if off at the cafe. Think small, compact, travel, and/or individual sizes and servings.

Food items: Powdered Gatorade� packets, powdered Kool-Aid� packets, ground coffee, coffee creamer, tea bags, cereal (in small boxes), instant oatmeal packets, Pop-Tarts�, breakfast cereal bars, protein bars, granola bars, canned fruit (in pop top cans), dried fruit, trail mix (in small packets), beef or turkey jerky, individually packaged cookies, Girl Scout Cookies�, microwave popcorn, Pringles�, bread sticks, jelly beans, hard candy (Jolly Ranchers�/Lifesavers�), gummy bears candy, chocolate (especially M&M's�) (do not send during the hottest months), Handi-Snack� kits, tuna snack kits, sardines, Vienna sausages, Chef Boyardee Ravioli� (in pop top cans), fast food hot sauce packets (no Tabasco�), food seasonings (Mrs. Dash�, A1 Steak Sauce�), chewing gum, Tic Tacs�.

Personal hygiene items: travel-size toiletries, lip balm, ChapStick�, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, Q-tips�, eye drops, soap, waterless hand sanitizer, hand lotion, moist wipes/baby wipes, razors, Gillette� MACH3� razor refills, inexpensive electric razors with batteries, facial tissues, toilet seat covers, toilet paper (10 sheets or small packages), female feminine items, (especially toiletries from Bath & Body Works� and AVON�) foot/body power, Odor-Eaters� (for boots), sunscreen (with high SPF), insect repellent.

Fun items: Books, magazines, music CDs, pens, pencils, crossword puzzles, sheets of stationery, envelopes, holiday greeting cards (for them to send), postage stamps, international phone cards, NERF� toys (small footballs, etc.), playing cards, travel games, travel mugs, disposable cameras, flashlights, duct tape, small battery-powered fans (with extra batteries).

Items that can't be sent: Illegal substances, alcoholic beverages, explosives, fireworks, propaganda, offensive or obscene material, inappropriate visual materials (depicting nude or seminude persons), any food items that lacks a tamper-proof seal, pork or pork-by products.

Drop off date is Oct. 29 at the Market Street Cafe, located on the corner of Main and Market Street.

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