Is hearing loss affecting your life?

Is hearing loss affecting your life?
Hearing for most of our lives has been as natural as breathing. You listen with ease and without concentrating; you interact and socialize without consciously thinking of hearing. You can be awakened by a child's movement in bed. As time goes, however, you may slowly miss the subtleties of sound and miss the coffee dripping in the pot of coffee as it is being made. You also miss what your children or grandchildren are saying or what a customer asks you.

You are not alone! Twenty-eight million Americans are hearing impaired and an estimated 500 million worldwide. In the United States, one out of 12 30-year-olds is already hearing impaired and one out of eight 50-year-olds suffer from hearing loss. Most of these would benefit for hearing computer amplification but don't because of cultural factors. Our culture many times views hearing loss as a stigma just as glasses were stigmatized in the 1930-1970s. The connotation being that you were too old or less attractive.

Now, eyeglasses are free of that categorization and hearing aids are just now freeing themselves of that societal bondage because of digital technology and miniaturization of the devices.

Why is digital technology better for hearing computers?

Digital technology's superiority over analog hearing aids is not only how sound is manipulated by the hearing computer but its precision and range of sound features that can be interwoven, eliminated or accentuated by the hearing process. The algorithms of the hearing computer manage to accentuate the needed speech sounds while rendering the static environmental noise less intrusive.

Digital technology also minimizes and sometimes eliminates the old nemesis of acoustic feedback. The number one reason people discounted the use of hearing aids is the persistence of unmanageable feedback. The best of digital technology's algorithms can many times substantially reduce or eliminate feedback.

Digital technology's precision and flexibility allows the hearing compute to make the best possible match between your hearing needs and your lifestyle. Because of its amplifiers, noise management features and feedback intercept qualities, a greater ease and comfort of use is available for you hearing pleasure.

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