Lions induct new members

Lions induct new members
President Allen Johnson called the Sept. 21 meeting of the Vermillion Lions Club to order at 6 p.m. Following the Pledge of Allegiance and singing, Lion Allen reported the fall forum would be held in Huron on Nov. 4, the Alcester Lion's Club will celebrating their 50th anniversary on Oct. 28, and that on Nov. 16, LaVerne Hofer from Vermillion will be visiting Vermillion to conduct a zone meeting.

It was announced that the Dakota Days committee would meet after the meeting to plan their entry in the parade on Oct. 7. Tickets for the Fall Pancake Days, Oct. 18 and 19, were handed out to members. Lion David Stockland introduced his guest, Len Nelson; Curt Robinson introduced three guests: Clare Jensen, Tempe, AZ, a long-time member of the Lion's organization, Jim Jensen, Sioux Falls, and Stan Jensen, York, NE. These gentlemen were in Vermillion for a class reunion.

Following introductions, three new members were inducted by Lion Ron Thaden: Marie Anne Ben and Berwyn Svoboda who were sponsored into membership by Lion Maxine Johnson; Robert Scott who was sponsored into membership by Lion Tom Thaden.

Lion Allen then introduced Virginia Johnson who explained her views regarding the upcoming ballot issues A and B in Vermillion. She concentrated for the most part on Issue B during which she referred to "Crawford Woods" instead of "Crawford Road." She used photographs to illustrate her contention that there is a significant stand of woods that stand in the way of the planned roadway.

The road has been in city plans since 1965 and would be 80 feet at the beginning of the road and expand to 120 feet by the end which would result in 50 percent of the trees now standing being removed.

Instead of a road, the Friends of Crawford Road propose to establish a preserve of five acres which would include pedestrian and bicycle paths and would not be lighted. The path would belong to the city and be part of a plan which would connect existing bike paths already in existence in Vermillion. Ms. Johnson also cited environmental, economic and safety issues she believed to be important to her presentation.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m. with reminders about the upcoming events. The next Lion's meeting will be held on Oct. 5 with Lion Young Moore III speaking about ballot issues for the upcoming state election and Mr. David Hertz speaking on his views concerning initiated measures A and B.

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