‘…On the right path’ District sets future goals

'…On the right path' District sets future goals
Much like a corporation sets future goals for business performance, the Vermillion School District has outlined specific expectations for its students and staff during the next three years.

"We just carried the three year minimum achievement goals forward and indicating where our students were performing at the end of the school year last year," Dr. Mark Froke, superintendent of the district said at a recent school board meeting. "We'll just keep that running account going so we can keep track of that."

Vermillion students, he said, appear to be "on the right path.

"Our students continue to grow academically, and so we'll monitor that closely," Froke said.

The district, he said, will continue to strengthen its relationship with the Vermillion community.

"We will promote community connections and volunteerism in the schools on a long-term basis," Froke said. The district will also continue development of a community education program.

In the area of curriculum and instruction, "we will meet all requirements of the No Child Left Behind Law and achieve adequate yearly progress in all schools by all student sub-groups," Froke said.

More and more schools across the nation are not meeting these standards, he said, because "it's like climbing stairs to meet these goals, and it becomes more and more difficult."

So far, Vermillion students have been meeting this federal law's requirements.

Other school improvement goals over the next three years include providing professional development for faculty in the area of study skills instruction, and increasing opportunities for physical education and physical activity on a long-term basis.

Brick and mortar are also included in the district's future goals.

"In the area of facilities, we will develop a school district plan to accommodate potential enrollment growth," Froke said.

In a related topic, the school will develop a capital acquisition plan identifying major building and equipment needs.

Personnel goals include striving for a competitive base teacher salary on a long-term basis.

The school district will also review and revise the student section of its policy manual and determine the feasibility of developing a regular education pre-school program.

The district has set the following student achievement goals:

  • Reading � 89 percent of the students will score at the proficient or advanced levels in reading on the Dakota Step Test. First year: Elementary � 86 percent, middle school� 83 percent, and high school � 86 percent.
  • Math � 82 percent of the students will score at the proficient or advanced levels in math on the Dakota Step Test. First year: Elementary � 84 percent, middle � 76 percent, and high school � 71 percent.
  • Graduation: 90 percent of the high school students will graduate. First year: Vermillion � 88.75 percent; state � 89.46 percent.
  • ACT: Our students will score a 24 composite average on the ACT. First year: Vermillion � 22.5, state � 21.0, nation � 20.5.
  • Attendance: Students will have an average attendance rate of 97 percent in each school. First year: Austin � 96.5 percent; Jolley � 96.5 percent; middle � 96.0 percent, and high school � 95.5 percent. State average � 95.3 percent.
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