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Pulpit Reflections
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This past week saw a surge in violence all around the world. North Korean nuclear tests, more troops lost in Iraq and little girls killed in their own school have had many people asking �How can a person hold onto their faith in such a world?�

My answer is that if being a Christian and going to church is just another life insurance policy for them, then their faith will collapse when their expectations are not met.

When we ask the hard questions of why bad things happen we will never get easy answers. But I do know we need our faith even more in times of trouble. An outstanding example of this happened this week. A reporter asked the father of the murdered Amish child, �Can you forgive the man that murdered your children?� Without hesitation the father replied, �We�ve already forgiven him.�

The astonished reporter said, �How can you?� The father simply stated, �If we stay angry, if we do not forgive, then we become bitter and end up the same way as the killer. It is for our sakes that we forgive so we stay in right relationship with God. For the Amish, for Job, and for us the most important aspect in our lives is a right relationship with God.�

Do you have a right relationship with God? Do you let troubles interfere with that relationship with God? The beginning is to accept Christ in your life and then walk daily with him.

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