SD GFP doesn’t verify trophy bucks

SD GFP doesn't verify trophy bucks
When hunters in South Dakota have questions, the first people they often turn to are the local conservation officers.

The S.D. Game, Fish and Parks Department officers welcome contact with the public, but hunters should be aware that there's one particular time when their local C.O. won't be of help.

"Our C.O.s don't measure the racks on trophy bucks," said Emmett Keyser, assistant director of the Wildlife Division. "Personnel from Game, Fish and Parks collect a wide variety of data," Keyser said, "but the trophy status of bucks is of no scientific use to the department. Consequently, we're not in the trophy verification business."

Hunters who think they might have bagged a trophy buck have a couple of other places to turn to for information. They can locate an official trophy measurer of the Boone and Crockett Club by calling (406) 542-1888, extension 204 or by e-mailing

Hunters who want to make the trophy measurement themselves right in the field can use the new Field Scoring Kit from the Trophy Record Department of the Safari Club. To order the kit or learn more about the Safari Club International scoring system, call (520) 620-1220.

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