Tanager CC teams place 2nd and 4th at regional

Tanager CC teams place 2nd and 4th at regional
Twelve schools with over 200 runners were represented at the Region 3A Cross Country meet in Lennox, Friday October 12 with competition in both boys and girls, Varsity & JV divisions.

Boys' varsity finishes � Canton (40), Vermillion (43), Dakota Valley (51) & Harrisburg (56) were the top four teams with Canton and Vermillion qualifying for State.

There were 59 contestants in the 5K meter run. Varsity Tanager placers were: Andrew Manning (6th); Broc Gauer (8th); Casey Carlson (13th); Ryan Powell (16); Dexter Mehlhaf (32); and JR Moore (37) to account for the team's score.

In the JV division, Tanager placers were: Brad Orr (4); DJ Donahoe (5); Nick Britten (23); Broc Gauer (24). Also � Alex Card, Tony Hubert, and Sam Robinson were participants in the 4K race involving 40 runners.

For the girls' team finishes: Canton (31); Beresford (36); Elk Point/Jefferson (48); and Vermillion (64) were the top four.

Fifty-three runners were entered and Tanager placers were: Katarina Gombocz (5th); Emily Renner (12th); Brandi Blue Arm (20); Hannah Nehlich-Arobba (27); Sarah Day (29); and Sophie Nehlich-Arroba (35).

With only 38 competitors in the division, JV Tanager results are: Jana Bye (2); Cassie Donahoe (5); Shelby Gregoire (8); Lexi Regnerus (10); Sarah Szymonski (12); and Beth Szymonski (14). Also participating were: Molly Manning, Bailey Carlson, Steffani Donahoe, Hannah Pommersheim, and Julie Renner. The team placed second in the 4K run.

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