Tennis team suffers loss

Tennis team suffers loss

Coach Dan Hanson watched his charges as they lost again in a match to non-conference opponent Roosevelt on Oct. 2 in Sioux Falls, by 9-0.

Singles: Kristi Meyers (R) def. Liz Day 10-0; Sarah Hamrer (R) def. Dru Daniels 10-1; Amy Sanborn (R) def. Shannon Skillman10-2; Molly Seigenthaler (R) def. Amanda Granaas 10-2; Amber Eden (R) def. Claire Jones 10-4; and Rashmi Gurjar (R) def. Alicia Hesla 10-0.

Doubles: Meyers/Hamrer def. Daniels/ Skillman 10-0; Gurjar/Sanborn def. Day/ Hesla 10-1; Seigenthaler/ Eden def. Jones/Granaas 10-3.







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