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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Senior Men's Fun Golf

Warm summer weather greeted the senior men's golf play on Oct. 3. This was the first afternoon session of the season. Twenty-seven players braved the afternoon heat.

The winning team was Dave Raabe, Pat Boyle and Jim Grabowski at 35, second was Harlan Schott, Rich Morse and Maurice Erickson with 37. In a three-way tie that was broken by handicap holes were Vern Holter, Louie Fostvedt and Ray Lynn at 38, Sid Davis, Van Pierce and Jim Reed in fourth place; and Morris Marcotte, Dave Zimmer and Joe Conroy in fifth place.

Pat Boyle chipped in a 110-foot shot. Several players made some nice putts. Ray Lynn made two birdie putts, a 34-footer on #3 and again a 15-footer on #5.

Ken Beringer sank a 30-foot putt on #7 while Elmer Mount made a 36-foot putt on #1.

Next week we play on Oct. 10. Registration is from noon to 1 p.m. play time.

Men's Ryder Cup Tournament

The team Ryder Cup Tournament had its first round competition Sept. 28 between members who were chosen by captains Rusty Jensen and Eric Stevens, to play a four-ball format. Results of the nine-hole match play pairings were

Brent Yager/Kurt Kuiper def. Jere Chapman/Joe Villalobos.

Bill Willroth/Tim Christopherson def. Don Harris/Mike Wettstein.

Bob Boone/Harlan Schott lost to Brian Steele/Floyd Boschee.

Jay Hennies/Steve Donnelly def. Bob Bowker/Gary Prosser.

Doug Robinson/Dave Raabe lost to Harland Durkin/Rod Tieman.

Seth Artz/Rusty Jensen def. Mark Clark/Rusty Jensen.

Team scores: Jensen – 4; Stevens – 2.

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