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"Intelligent Aging" is living with uncertainty

Wish to live a "fuller life?" Wish to discover the "great art of living?" Wish to embark upon an inward journey of self-discovery that can prepare you for the shocks of late life?

If the answer is yes, then you should attend my "Intelligent Aging" seminar Saturday, Oct. 14, at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, from 9 a.m. to noon. It is the initial segment of a program whose purpose is to:

"Provide workshops, seminars and educational materials to enhance the quality of life for persons over the age of 45: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually."

The "art of living" is to be found in the capacity to live with uncertainty; the uncertainty of insolvency, illness, disease, the loss of loved ones, and ultimately, death. To live a "fuller life" and prepare for the shocks of later life, the "Intelligent Aging" program gleans the wheat from the chaff, separating what survives the grave from what doesn't.

The program facilitates "life planning" rather than "retirement planning." And what stands in the way of a fuller life? The five afflictions: (1) Ignorance, (2) Pride, (3) Attachment, (4) Aversion, and (5) Fear of Death and Clinging to Life. They are universal, prevalent, and innate in each of us.

The program adopts Ivan Illich's definition of "health" as being the "intensity by which an organism interacts with its environment" and offers a chi-kung demonstration of physical and mental exercises that strengthen a person physically, emotionally, and spiritually. All components of a person consist of an eternal energy called "chi." It can be developed and controlled, affecting one's entire being.

By developing this chi and pursuing growth through physical and mental exercise, meditation, and prayer, the ego can be cut down to size before we shed this present incarnation. The program also provides the elderlaw tools needed to smooth out legal bumps produced by Medicare, Social Security, age discrimination, nursing home contracts, Medicaid, powers of attorney, and guardianships.

"Best of the Elderlaw Forum" columns will be provided to attendees, along with checklists for evaluating long-term care insurance policies and nursing home contracts. The 2006 Medicaid rules further limiting nursing home eligibility will be reviewed. Pro bono counseling will be available following the lecture.

Pro bono legal information, advice and assistance is available to persons 55 and older through the USD Senior Legal Helpline,1-800-747-1895;

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