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Check It Out
New Adult Fiction Collection

Growing up in Virginia's Allegheny Mountains, 11-year-old Charlie lives at the foot of an endless peak called Angel's Rest, a place his momma told him angels rested before coming down to help folks. In 1967 his town was a poor boy's paradise, until a shotgun blast killed Charlie's father and put his mother on trial for murder. In this remarkable debut novel, Angel's Rest, Charles Davis weaves together an unforgettable melody of a mother's love, a hero's return to the living, and a boy who discovers angels do exist.

Following a best selling novel, Kafka on the Shore, author Haruki Murakami returns with a collection of stories that express his mastery of writing. Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman flows from the surreal to the mundane and shows the full range of human emotions. Animated crows, a criminal monkey, and an iceman are some of the characters that experience grievous loss, the glow of a firefly, or the impossible distances between those who ought to be the closest of all.

Francis Muldoon is a special policeman in the notorious Storyville District of New Orleans in 1913. His job is to see that the district's volatile mixture of sex, alcohol, and gambling doesn't boil over. Redemption, by award-winning author Frederick Turner, is filled with the rich atmosphere of America's most colorful city and is a powerfully told tale of a man's efforts to restore the integrity of his soul. Book Club

The Book Club offers many selections to Internet patrons. Each book runs for five days, Monday through Friday. Some genres offer selections every other week. Check out this service by registering at the library's Web site, and clicking on the book club icon. Online patrons can find the club at The following selections for the week of Dec. 4 are:

AUDIO BOOK: Death Dance, by Linda Fairstein.

BUSINESS: The Truth About Getting Your Point Across, by Lonnie Pacelli.

FICTION: Lost in the Garden, by Philip Beard.

GOOD NEWS: A Midnight Miracle, by Gary E. Parker.

HORROR: The Conqueror Worms, by Brian Keene.

MYSTERY: Drama City, by George P. Pelecanos.

NON-FICTION: Sound and Fury, by Dave Kindred.

PRE-PUB: Check Web site for featured selection.

ROMANCE: The Heart of a Legend, by Amy Lognor.

SCIENCE FICTION: Runner, by William C. Dietz.

TEEN: Playing Dad's Song, by Paul Acampora.


The December gathering of Scrabble Scrimmage is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 16 from 1 to 4 p.m. in the Community Room of the library. Challenge others to word and spelling knowledge at this spelling social. Extra Scrabble board games and Scrabble dictionaries are welcome.

The library is running out of space and our collections are ever increasing at such an intensely brisk pace! To make room for book collections, we have had to move some of the General Adult Fiction literature into storage. They are still available for check out, and if you are unable to find a particular title, please ask a staff member to assist you in your search for the item that you are interested in. Check us out at the Vermillion Public Library and find something to check out to fulfill your literature cravings.

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