City plans reaction to Crawford vote

City plans reaction to Crawford vote
The Vermillion City Council was briefed by City Attorney Jim McCulloch about the steps it must follow in the future to develop Crawford Road.

City staff has drafted a preliminary outline of some of the administrative duties related to the project. They include:

  • Obtaining right of entry agreements from five property owners to allow for survey work.

  • Entering into a professional services agreement with an engineering firm for the survey, platting, and preliminary design of the road.
  • After the preliminary road design is determined, the city must hire an appraiser to appraise the land needed from the five property owners.
  • With the appraisal information, the city council will provide parameters to be used in negotiations.
  • The city council will approve the acquisitions completed through successful negotiations. If a property owner and the city are not able to agree on a dollar figure via negotiations, the city council will determine the amount to offer in the eminent domain resolutions approved by voters.
  • If the city council elects to assess the property owners below the bluff who have buildable lots, a resolution of necessity would need to be adopted.
  • Once land is acquired and funding is determined, the project would be placed out for bid and construction.

    Presently, city staff is not able to estimate the cost of the project, as the street has not been surveyed or any type of plan prepared.

    City voters approved the Crawford Road extension over the construction of a bike path in the area in Nov. 7's general election.

    Both issues were placed on the ballot through the initiative process.

    Crawford Road has been a major topic of discussion in the city since last spring.

    The public vote on the street was compelled by action taken by the Vermillion City Council, which last March decided to remove the Crawford Road extension from the city's comprehensive street plan, despite a recommendation from the city planning commission to approve it.

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