Clay County Historical Society sponsors 2006 Holiday Tour of Homes

Clay County Historical Society sponsors 2006 Holiday Tour of Homes
Plans are underway for the Holiday Tour of Homes, sponsored by the Clay County Historical Society.�

Gloria Barnes, event chair, has arranged for five Vermillion homes to be on the tour. This year, the tour will feature homes decorated for either the fall season or for Christmas. The Austin-Whittemore House will be decorated for Christmas and refreshments will be served there when guests complete their tour.�Board members Maureen Goddard and Joe Hoffman will be in charge of decorating the house and planning and serving the refreshments.

Five homes will be featured this year. Robert and Gloria Barnes, 102 Forest Avenue, have recently moved into their present home and have previously participated in the annual tour. Larry and Betty Smith, 24 South Harvard, have also participated in the tour and this year they will show still more renovations that they have completed in their historic home. Douglas and Susan Tuve, 602 East Main, recently moved to Vermillion and will decorate their home for Thanksgiving. Randy and Jane Uhl, 44 Cypress Lane, will show their new home so participants in the tour can enjoy seeing one of the newer homes in Vermillion. Lori Whitman, 221 North University, will demonstrate her expertise with decorating for all seasons in her home.� Tour guests are also invited to tour the Austin-Whittmore House.

Tickets are $12.50 and may be purchased at the Austin-Whittemore House, Nook ?n Cranny, Vermillion Beauty Shop and the Sir Stylists.�The tour is Sunday, Nov. 19 and will begin at 2 p.m. and finish at 4 p.m. Guests can begin the tour at any of the homes and hosts will punch each ticket as the home is toured. Refreshments will be provided by members of the Clay County Historical Society.�

The tour of homes has traditionally been the event that begins the holidays in Vermillion.�This year, the tour will be held during the afternoon for the first time since its inception. The board of directors is pleased and proud to host this tour and most cordially invite everyone to enjoy the tour.

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