Local conservation district to host soil quality clinic

Local conservation district to host soil quality clinic
The Clay County Conservation District has invited Jim Millar and Wayne Bachman, soil scientists with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, to speak in Vermillion on Thursday, Dec. 7. They will be presenting a four-hour clinic on the relationship of microbial action within the soil and how cropland management decisions can impact the soil properties. Just like precision farming and good equipment, when the soil is operating at peak efficiency, farm operations are at peak efficiency.

Mr. Millar received both his BS and MS from South Dakota State University and has been with the SD NRCS for 18 years and has worked in the soil quality field for over six years studying the impact that different cropland managements have on the chemical, physical and biological properties of the soil.

Mr. Bachman, who grew up on a farm in north central South Dakota, also received his degree from SDSU and has been with the SD NRCS for 30 years. He is a member of a nationwide cadre that developed and teaches a soil quality course called "Soil Quality: Assessment and Applications for Field Staff."

Along with demonstrations and visuals of microbial action within the soil, Millar and Bachman will present methods agricultural producers can use to tweak their current farming practices to enhance the microbial action. After lunch, there will be a question and answer session where individuals can get suggestions and recommendations for their own farming operation.

We sometimes forget and lose touch with the basic scientific building blocks that are the foundation of today's high-tech farming operations. This clinic offers the opportunity to step back and see the valuable role microbes play in soil productivity.

The four-hour clinic is being held at the extension building on the county fairgrounds at 515 N. High Street and starts at 10 a.m.

There is no charge to attend and the conservation district is providing a free lunch so come join us. For more information or if you have questions please call Connie Wulff, district manager at 624-7060, extension #3.

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