Local efforts bring new life to cemetery chapel

Local efforts bring new life to cemetery chapel

It has been exciting to watch a neglected century plus old chapel building come alive at BluffView Cemetery! All this was made possible with the help of a gracious woman in memory of her husband.

Tuck pointing of the brick was done, new cedar shingles for the roof, window panes, pillars, paint, concrete approach and steps that are all visible from the outside are completed. Inside a new floor of 1 1/2-inch maple boards, some from the old Gayville-Volin school gym, plaster, and paint of a green color typical of 100 years ago add to the building. Six Blue Spruce trees were graciously given by another couple and one spruce in memory of the late Carroll Colwell has been planted.

Donations may be sent to Bob Fallan, treasurer, at 31438 Greenfield Road, Vermillion, SD 57069.







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