Sioux Valley Medical Center earns awards at Quality Fair

Sioux Valley Medical Center earns awards at Quality Fair
Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center recently won several awards at the Sioux Valley Health System Annual Quality Fair.

The annual event, held at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, is designed to communicate, via a storyboard and verbal presentation, best practices and performance improvement projects which took place in Sioux Valley Health System facilities during the past year.

Julie Girard, Quality Coordinator at Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center, was honored with the Quality Coordinator of the Year award for her work at the medical center.

The Sioux Valley Hospitals & Health System Quality Coordinator of the Year Award is given in recognition of outstanding work demonstrated by a person working as a quality coordinator at a Sioux Valley System healthcare facility.

"Julie definitely goes above and beyond as a team player. The many hats she wears speak to only a part of her actual job function, many people depend on her expertise and direction. Her varied healthcare background provides her with a broad base of knowledge which in turn strongly benefits our organization," said Timothy J. Tracy, CEO, Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center.

In the physician category, Dr. Roy Mortinsen and the Sioux Valley Vermillion Clinic multi-disciplinary team earned the first place award for Dr. Mortinsen's presentation "Improving Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection in Female Patients."

The presentation also won the prestigious Best of the Best award – the top honor of the competition. The Best of the Best award represents the best of all 105 project entries in meeting all criteria and objectives in ultimately providing the best patient care.

Chon Sommervold of Sioux Valley Vermillion Clinic USD Student Health earned an Honorable Mention for the team project in the Administration/Financial category "Reducing No Show Appointments to Increase Revenue at Sioux Valley Vermillion Clinic USD Student Health."

This project outlined an innovative solution of using text messaging for reminding patients of their appointments.

The Quality Fair was held Oct. 26 and featured over 100 entries. The event was judged by 40 experts ranging from heads of state health organizations to quality improvement professionals.

Quality fair projects were entered by hospitals, home health organizations, pharmacies, clinics, congregate living centers, assisted living centers and nursing homes throughout Sioux Valley Health System.

These projects were required to demonstrate qualitative and quantitative improvements in one of the following areas: Clinical Performance, Administrative/Financial Processes, Patient and Employee Satisfaction/Service Excellence, Health Status/Service Integration projects having a system-wide impact and patient/employee safety practices.

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