Slagel Road sweeps the East Coast

Slagel Road sweeps the East Coast
Slagel Road is a band that is growing in popularity on the East Coast. This band is comprised of six members. Former VHS student Zach Holoch is the lead singer of this band.

He adds a powerful sound with his huge vocal range. Their drummer who lays out all of their beats is Josh Sanders. Eric Costello is their bass player, and Jesse Shepard is their rhythm guitarist. Their lead guitarist is Matt Cannon.

This group has a very unique sound. Their songs are full of variety. They try hard to bring a new sound to the rock scene.

Slagel Road just released their new album A Moment of Suspense.

On Sept. 16, they entered Battle of the Bands in Lancaster, PA, at the Field of Screams. They received first place and have earned eight hours in a professional recording studio.

"It can get tricky because you never know where or when you're going to play. Being in the recording studio was an awesome experience," Holoch said.

The band also earned a radio spot on WLAN 96.9. Slagel Road has a powerful new sound that everyone should hear.

To find out more information about Slagel Road, one can check out the band's Web site, They can also be found on myspace where many people have come to love their music.

Slagel Road's album is $10 and one can contact Kaili Johnson if you would like to buy one. Soon their album will also be available to buy online.

Do you have The Grudge?

The Grudge 2 is out and it's more terrifying then ever ? or is it?

The Grudge 2 was out just in time for Halloween, when almost everyone was in the mood for a little scare. The Grudge 2 was written by Stephen Susco and directed by Takashi Shimizu. The last movie left many people in suspense. It was a cliffhanger that had people asking questions to what happened to Karen Davis, (Sarah Michelle Gellar's character).

The last time that she was seen was in a fire in the house with the curse. Was the curse destroyed by the fire? Or did the fire make it worse? In this sequel many questions are answered.

Amber Tamblyn plays the main character Aubrey Davis, the sister of Karen Davis. The movie begins by introducing two new characters, and more information is given out about those two later on in the movie.

Then it jumps to Tamblyn talking to her mother. Her mother tells her that her sister (Gellar) is in the hospital. She tells her that there was a bad fire and that many of the police in Tokyo think that Karen started it.

They also believe that she killed her boyfriend. Her mom is really sick and makes Aubrey fly over to Tokyo to get her sister and bring her home. So the movie starts in the same place where the first movie ended.

The entire movie was very dark, and there were a lot of new characters that were involved in this movie. However, this movie is pretty much just like the first one, the curse, the house, same old story. People in the movie die because of the curse.

It's really just a repeat of the first movie with a few more characters and questions are answered about the first movie. In this movie, you find out why the curse started and why it is so powerful.

The only thing that really bothered me about the movie was that it jumped around too much. It got really confusing after a while, and as the plot progresses, the twists and turns get even crazier. It takes you on a path that completely boggles your mind and confuses you.

"The Grudge 2 left something to be desired. There were many moments of surprise that made me jump in my seat," Cecily Engelhart said after seeing the movie.

The Grudge 2 received four and a half stars out of 10. In a survey, many people thought it was better than the original. There's only one way to find out ? do you have the grudge?

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