Better Business Bureau issues national alert

Better Business Bureau issues national alert
During the past several weeks, the Better Business Bureau serving Nebraska, South Dakota and Southwest Iowa has been hit with a wave of inquiries and complaints about a company that is calling itself StateWide Capital Group.

The company has falsely given the address of 1299 Farnam Street in Omaha, NE. This company is offering loans to consumers and requiring an advance fee as security.

Consumers from across the country have told the BBB that they were looking for personal loans on the Internet and used a search engine to locate a lender. Among the choices is a link to where StateWide Capital presents a highly professional Web site that offers a broad spectrum of lending services, including personal loans at low rates and an application form.

BBB Branch Manager Jim David stated, "Unfortunately, consumers are blinded by the convincing promises of the loan and they do not see the sting coming. No legitimate lender will ever ask you to pay a fee in advance to obtain a loan."

If someone does, just say no, and contact the BBB at 605-271-2066 or 800-649-6814.

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