Holiday travelers: keep an eye on weather

Holiday travelers: keep an eye on weather
The South Dakota Department of Public Safety is reminding travelers to keep an eye on the weather and to check travel conditions before hitting the road this week.

A winter storm is expected to move through South Dakota Wednesday and Thursday.�Freezing rain is expected in the eastern and central portions of the state overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning and all day Wednesday.

More than six inches of snow is expected in the western half of the state over the two day period.

"Travel conditions are predicted to be less than ideal during the middle and later part of this week," said Major James Carpenter, South Dakota Highway Patrol.�"I strongly encourage people who are planning to travel to check road conditions before setting out and change travel plans as weather conditions warrant."

The South Dakota Department of Public Safety recommends travelers also take the following steps:

  • Wear your seatbelt.
  • Travel during the day.
  • Use highly traveled roads and highways.
  • Keep family and friends informed of your travel schedule and path.
  • Call 511 or visit for road conditions.
  • Keep a winter weather survival kit in your car.�The kit should include blankets, water, energy bars, a flashlight, a distress flag, a shovel and matches.
  • Travel with a charged cell phone, but don't rely on it to get you out of a bad situation.
  • If you do get stranded on the road, stay in your vehicle.

    The Department of Public Safety also recommends people keep a disaster kit in their homes.�It should include a gallon of water per day per person, canned and dried foods, warm clothing, a battery operated radio, extra batteries, and a first aid kit.

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