Attention Matt

After purchasing a little used photo album at the Vermillion Civic Council, potentially for personal photos intended for the DH Museum in Viborg, two snapshots of a young boy were found in Christmas settings. It is important that they be returned to the now apparent teenager. Though they would not be thrown away, they have no known value to the Museum.

One photo shows a large Christmas tree in the corner. The wall to the left is a dull grayish or greenish color. The wall to the right of the tree is wood paneling, with a row of vertical glass or mirror panels. On the left wall is a framed illustration, with a door on its left. Matt, kneeling, is surrounded by many large, colorfully wrapped boxes. He is wearing a white, striped shirt, with red, white and blue sleeves. Hand printed in red on the back is "Matt – Christmas 1994."

The other photo shows Matt seated in front of another Christmas tree. The right wall is covered with white drapes. To the tree's right is a large, dark gray overstuffed chair, with a light tan one nearer. The wall to the left of the tree is dark brown. It has a framed outdoor illustration. To left of tree is a stationary bicycle, and a corner of some bricks, perhaps a fireplace. On the back of this photo, similarly printed in red is "Cheryl and Glenn's" and "Matt – Christmas 1994."Anyone knowing of Matt, please call or write the undersigned.


Lester R. Lauritzen

28937 461st Ave., Centerville, SD 57014


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