Peterson’s holiday brighter thanks to Hy-Vee promotion

Peterson's holiday brighter thanks to Hy-Vee promotion
The holiday season became brighter for Angie Peterson of Vermillion, and all she had to do was register for Hy-Vee's "Holiday Brands for Grands" Giveaway.

Store Manager Brent Yager selected Angie's registration slip Nov. 28, and called her at home, informing her that the store simply had a delivery for her.

A crew of five Hy-Vee employees accompanied Yager to Angie's house, and anticipation increased as they waited to see if she would be a big winner in the contest.

Entrants in "Holiday Brands for Grands" may produce up to 25 Hy-Vee brand products from their home's pantries and kitchen cabinets within 10 minutes.

Angie, who runs a daycare from her home, already had several Hy-Vee products out on her kitchen counter as she fed children lunch.

It only took her about five minutes to find 25 items. She received $100 for each item and won the maximum prize of $2,500.

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