SD football scores a touchdown on SDPB

SD football scores a touchdown on SDPB
Once upon a time, football did not have much of a reputation in South Dakota. People thought it was rowdy.

Times change. 100 Yards, 100 Years: A Century of High School Football in South Dakota, a production of SDPB Television, looks at the history of the sport. The one-hour program takes a look back at the coaches, the kids, and the characters that made South Dakota high school football what it is today.

The program will be broadcast Saturday, Dec. 9, at 2 p.m.

Mike Henrikson of The Sports Max narrates the retrospective that begins in 19th- century South Dakota, when football was considered a very violent sport. But a new era kicked off in the 1890s when the game was introduced as a high school activity.

Football then is not what we watch today – the game has evolved over the years. Protective gear, playbooks and the forward pass have changed the nature of the game.

100 Yards, 100 Years looks at everything from eight-man and six-man teams to today's powerhouse teams and the sport's most revered coaches.

Highlights include:

  • Ken Kessinger – Former Washington High athlete and a retired football coach.
  • Dave Munson, former state representative, current mayor of Sioux Falls.
  • Coaches Steve Kueter of Sioux Falls O'Gorman, Jerry Miller of Montrose and Jim Uttecht, West Central.
  • Retired coaches: Max Hawk, Scotland – Yankton/ Burdell Coplan, Canton.

    The program was produced by Rina Bellew, with historical consultant David Kemp. Bryan Middleton is videographer and Kyle Mork is editor.

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