Tanager junior varsity defeats Wagner 33-23

Tanager junior varsity defeats Wagner 33-23
The Vermillion Tanagers junior varsity fell short in a fourth-quarter comeback and lost a tough one to the Lennox Orioles 46-45 in boys basketball Dec. 12 at Lennox.

Vermillion had trailed by 7 after three periods.

"We played very hard," said Vermillion JV coach Jon Ruevers. "It was a big improvement from our first game."

The Orioles jumped in front 15-10 after the first quarter, and held an edge of 12-9 in the second quarter. Vermillion JV had an advantage of 14-13 in the third period to shave the deficit to only 40-33 going into the final period.

Vermillion JV made 1 of 8 three-pointers and hit 8 of 10 free throw attempts. The Tanagers connected on 18 of 90 field goals, while Lennox was 22 of 50 from the field. Lennox sank 1 of 6 three-pointers and made 1 of 6 free throw attempts.

Individual Stats, Vermillion JV: Scoring – Kyle Nemec, 12, Ryan Angelo, 10, Blaine Olson, 9, Tyler Johnson, 7, Tony Thomas, 5, Jesse Kirkpatrick, 2. Rebounds – Nemec, 7, Olson, 5. Assists – Johnson, 2. Steals – Angelo, 3.

Individual Stats, Lennox: Scoring – Austin Harms, 14, Jordan Konda, 10, Austin Eichacher, 9, Shey Baysinger, 2,. Rebounds – Harms, 8, Konda, 6. Assists – Baysinger, 3. Steals – Gearman, 3.

Team rebounds: Vermillion JV – 20, Lennox – 25. Team fouls : Vermillion JV – 10, Lennox – 15.

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