What do you really want for Christmas?

What do you really want for Christmas?
What are the things that you can't see that are important? I would say justice, truth, humility, service, compassion, love. You can't see any of those, but they're the guiding lights of a life. President Jimmy Carter, recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize

Lists form. Scurrying and worrying begins.

"What do I give her?" "What should I get him for Christmas?"

I asked around: "What do you really, really want for Christmas?" A long list of responses formed: gifts that can't be wrapped or mailed and don't fit under the tree. Take note:

"All I really want for Christmas is ?

? at the very least, some snow."

? to see every one of my children sitting around my table at the same time."

? seconds."

? not a thing."

? peace in the family."

? patience."

? fewer arguments."

? more encouragement."

? to know what he really wants."

? I don't have a clue."

? better grades."

? better attendance."

? my diploma."

? more time off with pay."

? no more time off without pay."

? job security."

? to be able to retire."

? less of me and more of you."

? more of me and less of you."

? for everyone to get along."

? to hear, ?I love you.' "

? happiness."

? encouragement."

? a break."

? hope."

? less stress."

? quality time with my kids."

? just want to break even."

? to see his big grin again."

? to feel appreciated."

? for someone to notice."

? instant gratification."

? to return home."

? Swedish rye."

? my mother's coconut cream pie."

? just to see her smiling face."

? more instant gratification."

? an all expense paid trip to a tropical island."

…. summer."

? 70 degrees outside would be nice."

? a miracle."

? for Grandpa to come back."

? rice pudding."

? to know that this is what I am supposed to be doing."

? more poetry."

? less profanity."

? for her to say, ?Yes.'"

? less Hollywood in the news."

? more volunteers."

? homemade mashed potatoes – the lumpy kind."

? no more reality shows."

? sobriety."

? forgiveness."

? more time with Mom."

? the truth."

? to have her home – safe and sound."

? a clean bill of health."

? to be able to remember."

? to be able to forget."

? to turn back time."

? to be left alone."

? to not feel so alone."

? to go there."

? to stay here."

A resident of Southeast South Dakota for more than 30 years, Paula Damon is a popular columnist, keynote speaker, and freelance writer. Her column writing has won first place national and state awards in The Federation of Press Women competitions. For more information, email pauladamon@iw.net.

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