Commission considers special buck licenses

Commission considers special buck licenses
While the last days of the current East River and West River deer hunting seasons were wrapping up, Game, Fish and Parks commissioners took action to put the next round of deer seasons in motion.

At its January meeting in Fort Pierre, the commission accepted a recommendation from the Wildlife Division staff concerning special buck licenses. Game program manager Tony Leif explained to commissioners that an early application deadline is required on the special buck licenses because many of the hunters who obtain these licenses need additional time to be able make hunting plans.

Leif said the only recommended change in the licenses from 2006 is removing the "whitetail deer-only" restriction in Campbell County. The number of licenses in the proposal remains the same from last year: 500 resident and nonresident "any deer" special buck licenses for the West River deer season and 400 resident "any deer" special buck licenses in the East River deer season.

The commission will hold a public hearing on the proposal at its next meeting scheduled for March 1 and 2 at the Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce building.

At that meeting, commissioners will also hold a public hearing about lifting the uncased firearm prohibition on the Mission Hill Fishing Access Area. The GFP rule is ostensibly no longer needed because the area recently reverted to the ownership of the S.D. Department of Corrections.

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