DENR board approves grant to Vermillion for water monitoring

DENR board approves grant to Vermillion for water monitoring
The state Board of Water and Natural Resources approved a $27,600 Solid Waste Management grant increase for Vermillion to continue groundwater monitoring at its closed landfill site.

This grant is in addition to a $15,000 grant awarded to the project in September 2005.

Gov. Mike Rounds recommended the funding, which was approved when the board met last Friday and this past Monday.

"Groundwater monitoring is being done to ensure underground drainage from the old Vermillion landfill does not affect waters of the state," said Gov. Rounds. "This grant increase will help the city of Vermillion to continue that monitoring program."

Vermillion closed its old landfill in 1993. The city contracted with an environmental consulting firm to install monitoring wells on property adjacent to the landfill to detect any underground drainage from the old landfill. Because those monitoring wells detected some drainage, called leachate, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) requested additional monitoring. The estimated cost of the additional monitoring is $42,512.

The Solid Waste Management Program provides grants and loans for solid waste disposal, recycling, and waste tire projects statewide. Revenues come from dedicated state solid waste fees that are deposited in the state Water and Environment Fund. The Legislature appropriates water and environment funds annually to the Solid Waste Management Program through the Governor's Omnibus Water Funding Bill.

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