Do you know what your kids are up against?

Do you know what your kids are up against?
It might be more than you think, especially in this day and age. The pressures to experiment with risky behaviors in order to "be cool" or to "fit in" bombard children as early as elementary school. The dangers are real and the facts are alarming.

That's why Southeast Job Link, in cooperation with numerous local and area organizations, is sponsoring "Matter of Fact Mondays," a series of eight information sessions designed to help educate parents and their children about many of the issues that they might be encountering.

The eight sessions will be presented at 7 p.m. on Monday evenings at the Technical Education Center, located one block north of the YHS/Summit Activities Center at 1200 W. 21st St. in Yankton.

Speakers will be sharing facts and insights as well as startling statistics that every parent will want to know in order to realize the dangers that children today are up against, to recognize the signs of trouble and to learn where they can go to find help.

Topics for the "Matter of Fact Monday" sessions include: Jan. 15 – Media's Many Influences; Jan. 22 – Bullies in School; Jan. 29 – Date Rape and Abuse; Feb. 5 – Drugs and Alcohol; Feb. 12 – Meth Awareness; Feb. 19 – Mental Health; Feb. 26 – Disordered Eating; and Mar. 5 – Communicating with Your Children.

All sessions in the "Matter of Fact Monday" series are open to the public are free of charge and are expected to last between 60 and 90 minutes. Children, who are at least 10 years of age, are welcome to attend if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

If you have children, care for children or work to keep children safe, you are encouraged to attend any or all of the eight sessions. You'll find out what today's children are really up against and discover how you can help them stand strong and resist the harmful influences. The final session will even show you how you can keep the lines of communication open with the youth in your life.

For more information on the "Matter of Fact Monday" series, please contact Southeast Job Link at (605) 668-3480.

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