Families attend Legislature

Families attend Legislature

Michelle Franker and her two sons from Viborg and Debbie Pease and her nine children from Centerville attended the opening day of the 82nd South Dakota State Legislative Session in Pierre on Jan. 9.

"The Capitol was buzzing," commented Michelle Franker. "It was really exciting to see the governor and legislators working together to make the laws that run our State."

The families enjoyed touring the Capitol building and grounds, learning about the page program, and attending the Senate Democratic Caucus as guests of caucus leader, Ben Nesselhuf. "It was so nice of Senator Nesselhuf to invite us to attend the caucus," asserted Ana Pease, who is 13.

Shaking the governor's hand was the highlight for Cassie Pease age 15. "I was standing at the top of the stairs outside the House chamber after his speech, and he came by and said hi to me and gave me a thumbs up as he headed back to his office." The families took the opportunity to meet with all of the District 17 legislators.







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