Personal reflection and revised resolutions for 2007

Personal reflection and revised resolutions for 2007
I started out this week fully intending to "rip into" a writer from another paper and the ethics of hunting he was portraying in his article. I ended it with something like "maybe someone should save a bullet and hit him over the head with a 2×4." Granted, it was in direct connection with his article about how to kill a possum for BBQ possum, but when my husband read it, well, needless to say, I'm now revising my commentary.

It got me to thinking about what I wrote last week, and eating my own words, "live life in someone else's shoes."

Thus personal reflection and the thought of New Year's resolutions set in. Yes, I'm one of those who takes this time of year to proclaim, "O.K., it's a New Year. Things are going to be different!" Every year, I write a list, and every year I lose it or don't follow through on half of the things I say I will.

I can help my sales team schedule and prioritize. Why can't I get this figured out?

Every year on my list is "lose weight." Eight years later and I've now gained about five pounds every year. Of course, it doesn't help my weight that about every three years I have another child, but during those years, that extra five pounds was worth it!

Next on my list is "get organized" or "prioritize." Yeah, that's really worked for me. Just ask Joan, and she winces every time she walks into my office.

So I head off and purchase a new in-basket. My old one was simply too small. I purchase a pen holder; I can never find a pen when I need one! In fact, where did my pen just go? Oh, and I need a new planner, organizer and I really need one of those expandable folders to tell me what day something is due.

Then I go through my piles on my desk. I sort the paper into three piles: what I need now, what I may need later, and why did I keep this again? Now that I've got three piles, I throw the "why did I keep this again pile" – and of course, it's always the smallest. Cool, now all I've got is two piles. Wow, those two piles are pretty big yet. Maybe I'll sort it into "what I have to take care of immediately, what I need to take care of this week, and what I need to look at, some point." Great, three piles again. OK. Forget it. What's that empty box doing under my desk? There – desk all clean.

Now, where did I put my pen and where's that memo that was just here on my desk? Take out the box and my desk is cluttered again.

So I've updated my list and now have it hanging on my wall.

1. Mind the golden rule: Do unto others – keep in mind, someone may want to hit a possum or another writer over the head with a 2×4, but it's just unethical, and at some point someone may want to hit me over the head with a 2×4, and hopefully refrains from doing so. But more importantly, I need to set a good example as a mother, employer and citizen.

2. Live at least one day this year in someone else's shoes. Even if it means getting blisters! Think of how their feet feel and maybe help to prevent them from getting blisters.

3. Lose weight. Even if it's one pound. Decide that you can do this. Take a walk over to the fast food restaurant to help you lose what you are going to eat.

4. Get organized and prioritize. You know, I know where things are at, most of the time. So it's those things I have trouble finding that I need to prioritize first and take it one day at a time. (And quit buying things to help you get prioritized, although my planner is really cute!! Oh, and keep the pen holder, it's cute and functional. Just remember to use it!)

Here's hoping you are able to follow through on your New Year's resolutions. It's good for people to try to become better, healthier humans. Hope you have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2007!

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