SDPB honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

SDPB honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting will honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Monday, Jan. 15 – with special programming.

SDPB Radio will present a number of programs to mark the day: 9 a.m. – Performance Today, "The MLK Jr. Concert"; 10 a.m. – Medgar Evers Tribute Concert; 11 a.m. – At the River I Stand, "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Tribute"; 10 p.m. – Forever Young, Gifted and Black, "The Nina Simone Special."

SDPB Television will present two special programs: 8 p.m. – American Experience, "Eyes on the Prize: Awakenings, 1954-1956 – A look at the Civil Rights Movement"; 9 p.m. – Black Press: "Soldiers without Swords."







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