Senator Johnson’s medical condition is still improving

Senator Johnson's medical condition is still improving

On U.S. Senator Tim Johnson's 60th birthday, Dec. 28 he remained in the intensive care unit at George Washington University Hospital and is surrounded by his family.

"Senator Johnson's overall general medical condition has improved and he is gradually being weaned from the sedation," said Vivek Deshmukh, MD, neurosurgeon at the George Washington University Hospital. "He is opening his eyes and is responsive to his wife." It is anticipated that Senator Johnson will undergo further testing in the coming days. He remains in critical condition.

"Tim continues to give us great hope. His tests are encouraging and he has been responding to me. While we were both looking forward to celebrating his 60th birthday with our family and friends, I know the celebration is just postponed. Two of our children were able to be with Tim and me today, and we continue to appreciate the birthday wishes and prayers he has received, as well as the excellent care that he is receiving from everyone at George Washington University Hospital," said Barbara Johnson, wife of Senator Johnson.







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