The VAAC presents ‘Mythologies Within Us’

The VAAC presents 'Mythologies Within Us'

The Vermillion Arts Council is pleased to present "Mythologies Within Us" in the Washington Street Arts Center at 414 Washington St. in Vermillion. The exhibition features photography, printmaking, and installation work by Joshua Watts, an MFA candidate at The University of South Dakota. Watts has produced several solo exhibitions at venues from Alaska to Illinois, but this will be the first solo presentation of his work since arriving in South Dakota.

The work of Joshua Watts brims with mythological references from both past and present cultures. Allusions to biblical stories, Roman deities, Native American beliefs and eastern myths are melded together to create unique and exciting imagery. To create these works, Watts utilizes a variety of media, most notably large-format Orthochromatic transparency film, which is printed in a darkroom from a photographic negative. By using large transparencies, Watts can bring his images across media boundaries�utilizing non-silver photography, silkscreen, and lithographic techniques combined with drawing and painting to achieve the desired effect. These are then combined onto paper, wood and canvas surfaces to produce his visceral and unique images.

"Mythologies Within Us" is on view on Friday, Jan. 19 from 8 to 10 p.m. Appointments can be made to view the progress of installation during the week leading up to the reception by contacting the artist at (309) 202-3593.







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