Winter wakes up Vermillion

Winter wakes up Vermillion

On the morning of Sunday, Jan. 14, Vermillion residents awoke to blizzardly winter conditions, which brought along blankets of snow and extreme high-speed winds. Icy roads and blowing snow made even the most minimal amount of travel very difficult and extremely dangerous. On Sunday evening, when the storm finally let up a little bit, just over six inches of snow was left behind for community members to attempt to dig out of in the days following.

The effects of the storm, especially along the Missouri River, have many officials concerned with the abnormal ice amounts beginning to buckle and cause flooding along roadways. (Photos by Nicholas E. Damon)

Luckily for those in South Dakota, the worst of this major winter storm hit the hardest in other areas. A total of 36 deaths were reported in six states, and over a half of a million homes were left without power. Oklahoma, one of the states receiving the brunt of the storm, was declared a federal disaster area late Sunday. Back home, the Missouri River was transformed into a slowly moving bed of ice barges, cascaded by on-water drifts of sporadic amounts of snow.

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