Legislative View

Legislative View
Greetings! We have completed our sixth week which was left a little short due to bad weather expected tomorrow. So for now our 28th legislative day will be moved to tomorrow. The seventh week is also a short week due to Presidents' Day on Monday. I kind of feel like I'm in school due to all the vacations and snow days.

Bills of the week are HB 1293, which is the abortion bill. It is a long bill due to the exceptions that were requested by the public as the reasons for their not supporting the abortion bill last November.

Those opposed to the bill last year used the primary battle cry that the bill was bad due to it having no exceptions. This current bill does have exceptions. If it passes the Senate where it will have a tough time, and signed by the Governor it will then be referred to the public for a vote in the general election for the year 2008. It will still have Constitutional issues. It does carry a new title which indicates the bill is to limit using abortion as a means of birth control.

HB 1082 which was intended to be heard on Feb. 15, has been held over until next Tuesday. Too bad because I believe there were enough votes to put this bill down hard. I think the sponsor realized this and that may be the reason why it was deferred. This is one of the two bills that would require

schools under 130 students to consolidate, it also removes the small school factor, and change the distance required to receive sparsity. I do not see it making it through unless some game is played that sways other members from small schools to change their position.

Midwife HB 1207 failed on the house floor this week 28-42. Even though we can argue all day how much of a natural process giving birth to a baby is, I could not support this bill due to all the potential complications that

could occur. Sure the midwife is knowledgeable in home birth, however my concern came from the fact that they are lay persons who may or may not know what to do if other issues arise with other systems of the body. The midwifes do not carry medical malpractice and therefore the costs would fall back on the State if any complications did arise later. The purpose of HB 1207 was to allow midwifes to practice home births without the requirement to have a pre-arranged contract or agreement prior to doing a home delivery and also allowed for administration of medications.

A similar bill which is related to nurses who specialize in midwifery also failed by a narrow margin in committee. It had a lot of the same concepts of the previous bill, which also allows a nurse midwife to practice independent from a doctors agreement or contract. It also gives them permission to prescribe and administer schedule two medications outside of the doctors knowledge. Again I fall back on these professionals are trained for one aspect – women's health. There is limited training in other systemic or disease processes and therefore could be a recipe for problems. I again could not support this bill.

Campaign finance was revised and contains lots of changes. For the most part they are not all that bad however my concern and the reason why I did not support it is because it increases the penalty from class two misdemeanors (30 days in jail and 500 dollar fine) to now being a class one penalty (2000 dollar fine and a year in jail).

Feel free to contact me if any questions arise or if you would like to make any comments. I can be reached through e-mail: Rep.Boom garden@state.sd.us

Remember all of our American Troops and keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they perform their duties and are away from family and friends.

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