Legislative View

Legislative View
Greetings! On Thursday of this week we were invaded by a sea of red, which consisted of Mayor Dan Christopherson, the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Vermillion, and a number of Vermillion High School students. Also observed that day were The University of South Dakota first- and second-year medical students. It is estimated that about 100 of these students were in Pierre for training for emergency deployment in case of a disaster or pandemic event and they were able to come and visit their capital.

HB 1069 had a bumpy road in the House passing 52 to 18. This bill increases the court costs of a traffic ticket $10 dollars, rising $30 to now $40 dollars. So for your first five miles an hour over the speed limit there will be a $40 dollar court cost and your $20 dollar fine. The increase of $10 dollars is earmarked to the law enforcement training center which is $500,000 in the red. Some of this is related to an increased focus on Homeland Security and taking away from officers on the street writing tickets. This helps to support the training center. I voted against the bill because the fine seems to be getting too excessive in my opinion. Hopefully you won't see me in the news under "clerk of courts" as a result. Sorry Sheriff Byron, but remember the bill passed!

Judiciary knocked down what I thought was a good bill by a mark of 10-3. HB 1123 was intended to terminate the parental right of a parent who is convicted of rape or incest of a child, but still made that person responsible to pay child support. I feel people took their eye off the ball on this one because there was more concern of other family members possibly not being able to see their niece or grandchild rather than protecting the child. This is largely why it failed. It will be nice to see this come up again next year.

HB 1272 would have moved up the presidential elections to be close to the same time as that of Iowa and New Hampshire. The benefits could be economic, as well as having presidential candidates come to our state and see the problems we face with drought, water issues, etc. It failed 29-40.

Many education bills will be coming forward dealing with funding, small school factor and minimum district size.

Feel free to contact me if any questions arise or if you would like to make any comments. I can be reached through e-mail: Rep.Boomgarden@state.sd.us

As always, please keep our American troops in your thoughts and prayers as they perform their duties and are away from family and friends. Also keep U.S. Senator Tim Johnson in your prayers as well.

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