Send soldiers video message

Send soldiers video message

With Valentine�s Day next week, the Sioux Empire American Red Cross encourages residents to send a video message to military friends and loved ones. The video message is a free service provided by the Sioux Empire American Red Cross in Sioux Falls.

The video message, in picture and sound, is recorded at the Red Cross office located on 808 N. West Ave. The person or people making the video need to bring the email address of the military member at the time the video is made. The message is then immediately emailed to the service member anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Family members, friends, or co-workers can make the day of a service member a little brighter by sending a video message. This service is available for any members of the US Armed Forces including National Guard and Reserves. Messages can be sent from the Red Cross to military members at a training camp, located in a different state or different country.

To make an appointment for the approximate five minute video, please call the Sioux Empire American Red Cross at 605-336-2448. This service is free to the military member and the people making the video.







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