Track repairs are continuing at train wreck, corn spill site

Track repairs are continuing at train wreck, corn spill site
Deputies from the Clay County Sheriff's Office responded to a train derailment east of Meckling on South Dakota Highway 50 on Sunday, Feb. 11.

After officers arrived at the scene, they were able to determine that there were no injuries or property damage other than to the train tracks and cars.

Near the end of the train, seven cars left the track, with four turned on their side. The cars that were on their side spilled corn near the track.

The conductor stated Sunday that Burlington Northern had been contacted and was expected to be on the scene soon to take care of the situation. Train personnel believe the tracks caused the cars to sway, which led them to leave the tracks.

No foul play is suspected. There were no injuries or property damage. A South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper was also on the scene.

Crews arrived Monday and began making track repairs at the site of the derailment.

Corn, debris and material will be removed from the site over the next three to four weeks, Gus Melonis, BNSF spokesman, told the Associated Press late Monday afternoon. The track was reopened on Tuesday.

Authorities don't know why the cars left the track. The train was going 22 mph, and the speed limit on the track is 25 mph, Melonis said.

Three of the cars have been put back on the tracks, he said Monday.

The train was headed for northern Idaho.

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