USD to host forum on global warming and South Dakota

USD to host forum on global warming and South Dakota

The University of South Dakota will host an International Forum titled, "Global Warming & South Dakota: When will the Missouri dry up?" on Wednesday, Feb. 28 at noon at the Freedom Forum Conference Room of the Al Neuharth Media Center.

This International Forum is sponsored by the Beacom School of Business. Panelists include the following University of South Dakota faculty: John Davidson, Law School Professor; Ray Ring, Professor of Economics; and Mark Sweeney, Asst. Professor of Earth Sciences/Physics. Benno Wymar, Professor Emeritus of Economics, will be the moderator.

South Dakota is already suffering from lack of moisture. In the center of the state, for example, many farmers had to sell their herds of cattle last summer due to drought conditions.

The tourism industry has also suffered due to the low level of the Missouri River, making it difficult to launch boats at certain docks. Questions have even been raised whether there will be enough water for planned ethanol plants.







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