Vermillion residents gather to discuss community garden

Vermillion residents gather to discuss community garden

On Wednesday, Jan. 24, 25 Vermillion residents gathered in the Vermillion Public Library to plan and discuss the creation of a community garden. The community garden will be built on a lot owned by the Vermillion Area Arts Council behind the Washington Street Arts Center.

Each of the meeting attendees brought with them a different area of expertise, some in organic gardening, garden construction, grant writing and other fields. Everyone brought with them an enthusiasm and interest in creating a space for the community to gather and learn more about gardening.

The group discussed how to best construct raised beds in the former parking lot, opportunities for a children's garden plot and possible education programs. The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the Vermillion Public Library on Wednesday, Feb. 7. If you cannot make it to the meeting but want to participate, please contact via e-mail or telephone either Rebecca Terk(; 202-0252) or Alex Berke (; 677-6338).







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