VHS one-act play earns top honors

VHS one-act play earns top honors

Thunderous applause, rippling laughter and a standing ovation greeted Vermillion High School's one-act play during their recent performance of Edmond Rostand's play The Romancers.

At the regional competition held Jan. 23, actors Molly Hammond, Nahuel Telleria, Jessa Walters, Ariel Begley, Megan Amundson and Skylar Tiahrt received Outstanding Performers awards and Vermillion was chosen to advance to the state-level competition.

During the state festival held Feb. 1-3 in Brandon Valley, The Romancers cast and crew received a superior play trophy and acting awards went to Molly Hammond, Nahuel Telleria, Sam Miller, Jessa Waters, Brody Stone, Dru Daniels, Ariel Begley, Megan Amundson, Skylar Tiahrt, Sarah Axtell, Julie Renner, Gabrielle Richard, Katrina Salitros, Philip Munkvold, Crosby King, Tyler Husby, Amanda Granaas, Michael Dendinger and Shannon Jepsen.







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