Anything men can do, women do better

Anything men can do, women do better
The women of the USA are glad that March Madness is nearly over. Except Phyllis, of course.

They had all been pulling for tiny Winthrop, needless to say. But now they can go back doing what they do best, like making the beds, scrubbing the floor, planning meals, etc.

I say that with tongue-in-cheek, however.

Their men will be getting back to normal and talking about other things besides basketball. Politics maybe or what to plant in the garden, but never what the gals want to hear.

That's as it should be, I mumbled charlatanically.

But, let's face it, ladies are taking over everything – including sports. For instance, we were in Brookings – at Phyllis's behest – to watch the Lady Jackrabbits play. There were thousands there watching them play.

We had court-side seats, and when the girls were warming up, I noticed that most of them were as tall, or taller, than I was when I was playing for the Jacks – and faster, too.

And when the ROTC unit were presenting the colors before the game, the majority of them were gals. They'll be second lieutenants soon, and in combat units.

We never heard of such a thing when I was in school. We wore ugly olive drab uniforms on our days in military class. They are in good-looking blues.

I guess it's a sign of the times and not of the gender. At least I hope so!

And there are more girls in agriculture now, planning to be honest-to-goodness farmers. Or is that farmeresses?

At age 84 (plus 11 months) I wasn't prepared for this to happen. I've got to get used to lady legislators, women warriors and female funeral directors. They once were just secretaries and bank tellers; now they tell you how to spend your money, if she gives you some!

Doctors and lawyers were always men in my day. Even auto mechanics are sometimes women. I think grease under painted fingernails is not lady-like.

They swing hammers with gusto, cut lumber, hang dry-wall and lay carpet. Dumb blonde stories are out, and Lena supersedes Ole in Lena and Ole jokes.

We've got a lady Speaker of the House, and it wouldn't surprise me if we get a lady president or governor sometime. There is nothing that they can't do, including having babies.

I'm glad they don't like March Madness (besides Phyllis). That leaves something for us fellas to cling to. Pretty soon they'll take over NASCAR, too. Bull-riding is next.

I'm thinking of joining P.E.O. and the Junior Catholic Daughters because they are now full-fledge Elks and VFW members. It would be my way of getting even.

Of course, they still take the groom's last name when they get married, but I've noticed more hyphenated titles lately. Thank goodness Phyllis is now a Karolevitz instead of a Gunderson-Karolevitz!

© 2007 Phyllis J. Karolevitz (because she typed this!)

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