City offers Crawford Road design contract

City offers Crawford Road design contract
A company with a proven track record of success with the city of Vermillion was chosen by the Vermillion City Council March 5 to begin the preliminary work necessary for the Crawford Road extension to eventually become reality.

Sayre and Associates of Sioux Falls will provide the construction surveying and also the land surveying required for obtaining right-of-way for the street project.

"They typically have done our street projects and our major design projects for long before I even came here," said Bill Welk, city engineer. "They've always done a good job for the city."

In its proposal, Sayre and Associates proposes to complete the following associated with the surveying, planning and design of the project:

  • Perform a topographic and boundary survey of the project limits.
  • Prepare plats for right-of-way acquisition.
  • Gather information on the location of existing utilities, both private and public, and incorporate them in a base drawing for planning and design.
  • Provide a preliminary design to be reviewed by the city engineer's office.
  • Coordinate with the respective city personnel the design of underground utilities including storm sewer and street lighting.
  • Prepare construction easements as required.
  • Provide soils testing and archeological studies.
  • Provide plans and specifications for final review by the South Dakota Department of Transportation and the city engineer's office.
  • Prepare contract documents for bidding purposes.

    Sayre and Associates proposes to perform the tasks noted above for a maximum fee of $70,765. After getting the go-ahead from the city allowing work to begin, the company estimates the plans should be completed by August 2007, and it believes construction costs of the street extension, which will lengthen Crawford to connect with Burbank Road, will be approximately $665,000.

    Welk told the city council that the $70,765 fee proposed by Sayre and Associates is a maximum cost.

    "That means if they go over that, it is at their expense," he said. "And, this amount is reimbursable through our STIP (Street Improvement Project) account."

    Sayre and Associates estimates it will devote approximately 911 total hours to this project. The direct labor total will be approximately $21,170, and overhead will total $35,700.

    The direct labor and overhead total cost is approximately $56,871.

    Added to that is a fixed fee of nearly $7,962, and a facilities cost of money line item in the services proposal of $932.

    Soils testing is estimated to cost $3,000, with an archeological lab survey cost of $2,000. That brings the total cost of the proposal to approximately $70,765.

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