Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations
Rotary meets Feb. 27

The Vermillion Rotary Club held its weekly meeting Tuesday, Feb. 27, at the Neuharth Center on the campus of USD. President-elect David Hussey opened the meeting and provided the invocation.

Three Vermillion High School seniors were introduced as guests. They were: Nick Rasmussen, Sarah Rasmussen and Ryan Powell. Each of them spoke briefly about their school involvement and their plans for the future.

Rotarian Barry Vickrey introduced Mr. Terry Young as the speaker for the day. Mr. Young is director of research development for The University of South Dakota. He was assistant vice chancellor for technology transfer for the Texas A & M University System and executive director of its Technology Licensing Office.

Among the many highlights of his career are the formation of three Technology Transfer offices. He also has started two companies, and in 2005 he was appointed by the Department of Commerce as one of five members of the "U.S.-Russian Innovative Council on High Technologies" to improve scientific cooperation between the two countries. He is a native of Texas and received his MBA from Texas A & M.

Mr. Young began his presentation on Academic Technology Transfer by stating that the best form of technology transfer is a student leaving school to take his or her first job. His definition of Technology Transfer is the practice of moving university research results to market.

Today, more that 200 research universities have Technology Transfer offices. This has resulted in thousands of new products in the marketplace.

Many countries have rewritten their laws to comply with the spirit of the Bayh Dole Act. Today the dollars received by the inventors and university royalties exceed $1 billion.

The five main reasons to have a Technology Transfer office are: recruit, retain and reward faculty; create closer ties with industry; contribute to economic development; to generate income for more research and development; and to place products in the marketplace that wouldn't otherwise exist. Some examples of products are: Texol, Nicotine Patch, Google, PSA Test, V-chip and more.

Prior to USD establishing an Office of Technology Transfer, a product was developed using a PDA called "Handheld Bird" which is now being sold by the National Geographic Society. USD has now created a formal program, which is three months old in the Office of Research and Sponsored Development.

Mr. Young said the ball is in the court of faculty to develop applied research results. Mr. Young then answered questions from the audience.

Auxiliary meets Feb. 20

Members of the VFW Auxiliary to Clay Post #3061 met on Tuesday evening, Feb. 20 with president Delores Gregg presiding. Roll call of officers was taken and recorded. Opal Smith offered the opening prayer. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Motion made and seconded to approve treasurer's report as printed.

Invoices were presented and motions made and seconded to pay them. Correspondence included General Orders #7 from Carols Chat Room, letter from Shirley Christensen and Poppy Day, letter from VFW National Home regarding Awareness Week.

Committee reports were given on membership, cancer, hospice, cards mailed, bingo playing at the nursing home for January and February, hospital equipment on loan and Civic Council. A monetary gift was given to the Vermillion Ministerial Association.

The Auxiliary District I spring meeting will be held in Vermillion on Sunday, April 15. Delegates and alternates were selected. The meeting adjourned to reopen on March 20.

Meckling Livestock

4-H Club meets

The Meckling Livestock 4-H Club met on Nov. 9 at the 4-H Center. We introduced ourselves for the roll call so new members could get to know everyone. We voted on club offices. Harrison Hawley was elected president, Allison Heine was elected vice president, Erika Fallan was elected secretary, Megan Bottolfson was elected treasurer, and Jana Bye was elected reporter. We set our club goals. We talked about our visit to the haunted house and about the 4-H hockey game that our club attended. We discussed our community service and 4-H promotion projects.

For the Recognition Event, our club has kitchen duty. Abby Ouellette will put together a centerpiece with 4-H beanie babies honoring our �Beanies for Baghdad� project. We wrote some club thank yous. We talked about the Over Museum Christmas trees. We discussed enrollment forms and the upcoming Christmas break workshops and judging schools. Luke Heine did a demonstration on beef and bean enchiladas. Seth Heine did a demonstration on tie blankets. Erika Fallan did a demonstration on how to set a table. Kelsy Fallan did talks on electrical safety for the seasons and what conducts electricity. The meeting was adjourned and the club had refreshments provided by Luke and Seth Heine.

Respectfully submitted,

Erika Fallan


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