Governor Rounds signs legislative bills into laws

Governor Rounds signs legislative bills into laws
Governor Mike Rounds has signed the following bills into law:

  • HB1026: An Act to classify certain bird species as unprotected.
  • HB1032: An Act to make an appropriation to fund a dental externship program.

  • HB1072: An Act to create a statewide 24/7 sobriety program, establish the 24/7 sobriety fund, and to make an appropriation therefor.
  • HB1085: An Act to revise certain provisions related to the transfer of title.
  • HB1086: An Act to revise certain provisions related to the release of a lien by undertaking.
  • HB1091: An Act to permit magistrate courts to administer adult probationary drug court programs under certain circumstances.
  • HB1113: An Act to prohibit school districts from granting credit for distance learning courses offered through entities other than the South Dakota Virtual High School.
  • HB1124: An Act to add the solicitation to commit a crime to certain criminal provisions.
  • HB1125: An Act to revise certain provisions concerning the adoption of municipal sewer utility charges.
  • HB1126: An Act to revise certain provisions concerning municipal sewer service.
  • HB1132: An Act to increase the maximum penalty that counties and municipalities may establish for a violation of an ordinance.
  • HB1138: An Act to appropriate money to post-secondary technical institutes for the maintenance and repair of buildings.
  • HB1194: An Act to authorize the disclosure of certain confidential information when a person who is subject to commitment proceedings has communicated a serious threat of serious physical injury against a reasonably identifiable victim.
  • HB1196: An Act to provide for notice and opportunity to remedy residential construction defects.
  • HB1200: An Act to increase the penalty for multiple violations of disorderly conduct.
  • HB1205: An Act to provide funds to the state technical institutes.
  • HB1231: An Act to exempt certain wages from claims in bankruptcy.
  • HB1248: An Act to provide information to owners of certain property that had a significant increase in the assessed valuation of the property.
  • HB1250: An Act to revise the process regarding cochlear implants.
  • HB1252: An Act to provide certain provisions concerning the indemnification of the directors of cooperatives.
  • HB1262: An Act to revise certain provisions regarding property tax exemptions for certain power generation facilities.
  • HB1275: An Act to establish a statute of limitations for real estate appraisers and their agents and employees for alleged malpractice, error, mistake, or omission.
  • HB1279: An Act to create a task force to study permanent funding options for the state technical institutes, to provide for its composition, and to declare an emergency.
  • HB1288: An Act to permit trustees to decant a trust under certain circumstances.
  • HB1290: An Act to provide for an Office of Indian Education and an Indian Education Advisory Council and to establish certain provisions to enhance Indian education in the state.

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