To: Vermillion High School Athletes and Fans

Girls State A Basketball Tournament

Congratulations on your extremely successful 2006-07 basketball season. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. Black Hills State University was pleased to serve as the host site of this year's tournament. It was my pleasure to be able to attend many of the games.

Athletes, you are to be complimented on your performance on and off the court. Fans, your enthusiastic support of these fine young women was inspiring. Together, you were outstanding representatives of your school and community.

I hope you had a pleasant time in Spearfish and at the university. Please consider BHSU as your university in the future! Best wishes for a great spring.


Kay Schallenkamp


Black Hills

State University

Look for options

To the editor:

Please let an out-of-Clay-County driver express some thoughts on the proposed "wheel tax." It has been here in Turner County for many years ��$16 per vehicle. For several reasons, I own four vehicles. Being alone, only one is on the road at a time, yet I pay for four: $64. I think I drive less than some one-vehicle drivers.

A mileage tax would be more fair, but that might take state legislation. Mileages are already recorded for vehicle transfers, so using mileage would be fairer than wheels, and simple, too.

A driver's tax would also be possible, but again, need state legislation. It would be paid when you renew your driver's license � or included when getting car plates, instead of a wheel tax. It would include wives and driving children.

But, try for something fairer than a wheel tax. Standing vehicles are not using or wearing roads or highways.

A county gasoline tax is another idea, with legislation, but would have the same problem the cigarette tax had.

Do some thinking before enacting. It is for Clay County residents' benefit. It is a suggestion, but "no skin off my nose" if you do not.

From a sometimes visitor and shopper in Vermillion.

Lester R. Lauritzen


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